How to Evaluate Secure Business Communication Software for your Company

Data security is one of the top priorities of most large companies today. But already, even small businesses are beginning to understand that losing information can be quite expensive. Therefore, many are turning to the capabilities of special software, such as virtual data rooms.

How to understand that you have good service? How do you make sure that you are buying something valuable for your company? This is discussed in the article below.

Before purchasing the program

So, for now, you are only at the stage of choosing software for your company. Wonderful. You can already do a lot.

Check out the security certifications.

Each manufacturer of a virtual data room tries to use the most modern and perfect information protection system. There are many systems to certify this process. Therefore, VDR developers always report on their websites which security certificates they managed to obtain. Since, in this case, we are talking about standardized software properties, you can easily find information on a particular security certificate on the Web.

Read reviews

In the reviews, you can find the real experience of other users. Read as many reviews as you can about different types of data rooms (for example, here Then, if a data room doesn’t meet your security needs, you’ll know from previous user reviews immediately.

Try the demo

All providers of virtual data rooms (except for large providers who usually cooperate with holdings) offer the opportunity to use the software for free for 10-30 days. This time is enough not only to evaluate the functionality but also to check all security parameters. Then, give the software a real crash test to ensure everything is ok with it.

After the start of use

If you have already bought a virtual data room and want to check how it protects your information, you can use ethical hacking services. Ethical hacking, or penetration tests, is studying a site or online service for such security vulnerabilities to improve it. This is a targeted search for errors in the code by an IT specialist who works in the field of security research.

Ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers or cybersecurity analysts, do not steal data or cause damage. Instead, they discover the problem and report it to the site owner so they can fix the bug. Many companies hire people to conduct such testing and increase the security of their resources.

Sometimes you can test the site yourself using ethical hacking techniques. The simplest testing does not require much knowledge; it can often be carried out using automated tools. Programming skills are not necessary for an ethical hacker but can help the profession. In addition, this will give an understanding of the groups of errors that IT specialists who developed the site could make.